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Investment Thesis

Total, annual revenue of IBM peaked in 2011.  Accordingly, total annual revenue has declined by 25%, and the market capitalization (shareholder value) has declined by 38% since the end of 2011.  The CEO of IBM assumed leadership of the organization on October 12, 2012.  Turning around a declining organization like IBM takes times and requires insightful direction, unwavering discipline and efficient execution.   

With Artificial Intelligence (Watson), the hybrid cloud and system expertise, IBM has an opportunity to create incredible value in the market, making IBM an incredible BUY -

IF IBM efficiently secures the "data" needed to successfully cultivate Watson diagnostics, especially Health. 

Spend a lot less on advertising (Brand Management) and spend a lot more on securing the data needed to cultivate Watson diagnostics.  In other words, allocate the capital to develop real expertise within Artificial Intelligence at IBM.   





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