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"Move the Capital Markets with a Credible Argument."  

Capital Executive LLC identifies undervalued organizations operating under sustainable, market themes using an in-depth, screening (querying) language to uncover both value and growth opportunities.  Specifically, the screening parameters concentrate on the operating fundamentals of the organization, especially relative performance.

Capital Executive LLC develops a keen understanding of the main factors driving the undervaluation by comprehensively analyzing the operating fundamentals of the organization, especially the competitive dynamics within the target market of the organization.  

Capital Executive LLC establishes a long-term investment position in the common equity and / or the corporate debt of the undervalued organization.

Capital Executive LLC publishes Corporate Strategy on the undervalued organizations using the investment research distribution platforms of Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, FactSet and S&P Global.  The arguments encourage shareholder activism by communicating directly with the organizational leadership, the Capital Markets, and the ownership (shareholder) -- endeavoring to develop the significant, unrecognized value within the organization.

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